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Tender No Tender Ref. No. Tender Description Last Date of Bid Submission
64278 MDU/P&S/17/003 Purchase of Various Paper Reams 12-12-2017
64274 MDU/EE/2017/53 Termite Treatment in various buildings of campus of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak 12-12-2017
64267 mdu/P&S/2017/002 Tender of File Cover and File Boards 12-12-2017
64264 MDU/EE/2017/52 Supply and filing of tibba sand in Park in between Type-I & Type-II houses in MDU, Rohtak 12-12-2017
64260 MDU/EE/2017/51 Construction of 06 Nos Faculty Flats on the pattern of 12 Nos. already constructed Faculty Flats in MDU, Rohtak. (including PH & E.I) 12-12-2017
63949 MDU/EE/2017/50 Supply of Racks in Account Branch in MDU, Rothak 29-11-2017
63840 MDU/EE/2017/49 Construction of fiber sheet shed & iron grill near Lab No. 308, for Plant Growth Facility in Centre of Bio-Technology in MDU Rohtak 29-11-2017
63778 MDU/EE/2017/48 Purchase of Gym equipments to be installed at 1st floor of Faculty Club in MDU, Rohtak 29-11-2017
63070 SPORTS_13677_07_11_2017 PURCHASE OF SPORTS MATERIAL 2017-18 23-11-2017
60505 MDU/EE/2017/47 SITC of 8 passengers lift in Vivakananda Library in, MDU, Rohtak 28-11-2017
60489 MDU/EE/2017/46 Providing and fixing of cables and other E.I work for 8 passengers lift in Vivakananda Library in, MDU, Rohtak 28-11-2017
60012 MDUZOOL1076 Purchase of Biosafety cabinet for Zoology 05-12-2017
30003 MDU/EE/2016/124 Partition of Computer Lab. In the Department of Microbiology (Electrical partition) in, MDU, Rohtak 28-11-2017
23542 MDU/EE/2016/84 Supply and Installation of Ahuja Sound System at Conference Hall of IHTM in, MDU, Rohtak 28-11-2017
22357 MDU/EE/2016/79 Partition in Laboratories of Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) Deptt. in University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET), MDU, Rohtak 28-11-2017
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