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Tender No Tender Ref. No. Tender Description Last Date of Bid Submission
51225 MDU/EE/2017/36 Desilting of S/S Tank No. 1 (620'X500') at water works at MDU, Rohtak 02-08-2017
49449 MDU/EE/2017/35 Providing/ laying of interlocking paver and half kerbs for drainage system in front of house No. 13 to 40 of type-III, house no. 1 to 24 of type-III duplex and house no.1,2,16,17,18 of type-IIA in MDU Rohtak 27-07-2017
49448 MDU/EE/2017/34 Finishing of exterior surface with Apex in Type-I,Type-IA and Type-II houses in MDU Rohtak 27-07-2017
49445 MDU/EE/2017/33 Finishing of exterior surface with Apex in Type-III,Type-III Duplex and Type-IIA houses in MDU Rohtak 27-07-2017
49444 MDU/EE/2017/32 Misc, repair,replacement of damaged doors, windows,chowkhat, floor tiles, wall tiles in ground floor,bathrooms and kitchen in house no.14 Type-IV in MDU Rohtak 27-07-2017
48831 MDU/EE/2017/31 Purchase of 01 No. 1000 KVA oil type outdoor transformer for Dr. Mangal Sen Multipurpose Gymnasium Hall, MDU Rohtak 27-07-2017
48134 MDU/EE/2017/30 Purchase of Gym equipments to be installed at 1st floor of Faculty Club in MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017
47230 MDU/EE/2017/29 Supply of furniture in newly constructed Boys Hostel for 300 Students in MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017
45162 MDU/EE/2017/28 supply of water coolers in MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017
44349 MDU/EE/2017/27 SITC of 8 passengers lift in Vivakananda Library in, MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017
44343 MDU/EE/2017/26 Providing and fixing of cables and other E.I work for 8 passengers lift in Vivakananda Library in, MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017
44337 MDU/EE/2017/25 Purchase of electrical material for day-to-day electrical maintenance in MDU, Campus, Rohtak 27-07-2017
44171 MDU/EE/2017/24 SITC of 2 Nos. 11 KV Sub-Stations (1 No. on the West Side of Examination Block and another on the East-West Side of 16 Nos. Faculty Houses) (Under Construction) in MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017
43328 MDU/EE/2017/22 Establishment of in Vitro Pharmacology laboratory in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MDU, Rohtak.(including P.H & E.I) 27-07-2017
42476 MDU/EE/2017/19 Providing and fixing Auditorium Chairs in Lecture Theatres of New Bio-Science in MDU, Rohtak 27-07-2017